Choosing to run means you get to decide what being a runner amounts to.

Runners have more freedom than people taking part in other fitness activities.

You can choose to run in events, or not to. You can choose to run with others, or on your own. You might run around your local park or across the hills and fells. It’s up to you.

Are there any rules?

There are a few guidelines:

  • Buy the best trainers you can afford as a result of having your gait analysed (important point)
  • Buy some good quality running socks
  • Buy comfortable running shorts
  • Only run where it is safe to do so

That’s it.

Shorts and socks that do the job of protecting you are important. Get either of these wrong and you’ll be in a world of discomfort. 

Get your trainers wrong and you might harm yourself. All decent running shops have treadmills that show how you run. You’ll know whether you are neutral, or you over-pronate etc.

The store staff will then show you the right trainers to buy for your running style.

After that? 


Freedom to choose

You need hardly any kit. But you can buy loads if you wish. 

You can have gadgets strapped to you to track everything about your performance. Or you can use a simple stopwatch. Or nothing at all.

There’s no need to go anywhere particular. So no travelling to the gym before you can start your workout. Or going to the sports centre - having booked a court first.

There’s no prepping your bike to make sure it’s safe for the road. And there’s no battling the traffic, either. 

You can run in events, or choose not to. I know people that have been running for years. But they’ve never run in a single event. While other people have many medals and t-shirts.

Also, you don’t have to rely on anyone else. Shorts on, trainers on and off you go. 

It doesn’t matter where

You can run on a track. But you can also run around your local park, town or city. You run over hills and dales. You even run over fells and mountains. 

You can run anywhere you can walk. 

Running through the gritty city streets on an early summer morning is a great experience. The same way that running along the seafront as the sun rises, is. 

It doesn’t matter how far or how fast

On Sundays, I tend to run a long one. As do many other runners. Not because we have to. Not because there’s some rule that says we should.

We do it because it feels good. And because we like running a long way.  

Some runners tear along like athletes. Some plod along much slower. It doesn’t matter. There are no rules about pace either.

Running means freedom because…

Aside from a few easy to follow guidelines, there are no rules. There’s no special equipment needed and it doesn’t cost a fortune, either.

Running sets you free.